Village Kids

Village Kids partners with parents and provides children with experiences, resources, and skills that encourage them to be followers of Jesus.

Newborns to Grade 5

On Sundays at Village Kids, your child will encounter engaging, age-appropriate teaching, music, and activities designed to help them develop a strong relationship with Jesus. 

New to Village Kids?

We provide security for children that allows parents to enjoy a service knowing their child is safe, having a great experience, and learning about Jesus. To check your child into Village Kids, just visit us in the Village Kid’s wing at any of our locations and ask one of our many volunteers for help. And in case you're wondering, here's a breakdown of what our check-in system looks like.


Parents sign in their children at the start of the service at a computerized system located at Village Kids Registration and receive a number and a name tag for their child. Parents are then given a copy of the name tag that will be returned when retrieving their child after the service. If one of our leaders has a question or needs to contact you during the service, we will display your child’s number at the front of the auditorium. 

Get connected - Village Kids Newsletter

If you'd like to receive weekly updates and great resources to study with your children at home, sign up for our weekly newsletter. You can also sign up for a free monthly resource that will give you great ideas about how to create fun, spiritually forming moments for your kids at home.

Another great way to get involved at Village Kids is to volunteer! It doesn't matter what age you are or stage of life you are in, Village Kids is a great place to serve. Click here for our volunteer sign up form and let us know that you'd like to serve alongside some of our great leaders at Village Kids.


"Next" is a church service for you and your kids! Bringing your child to participate in the main auditorium church service can be a complete overload for them. Next is an excellent starting platform to allow families to have conversations about the things that happen at church like communion, baptism, worship, and more. We'll let you know when we've set the date for the next one!

The LIT Program

The Leaders in Training (LIT) Program provides an opportunity for kids to learn and practice valuable leadership skills in a ministry context. It accommodates 20 leaders per session and is open to kids in Grades 3 to 6. If your child would like to apply for the program, there are applications available at the Village Kids tables on Sundays.

Join us for Village Kids Summer Days

…at Big Splash - July 6th
When we take over the whole park for a super chill night at the waterslides. Tickets must be purchased in advance through Village Church.

…at a Pop-up Slip and Slide - Dates TBA
When we pop-up in a neighbourhood near you with our foam cannon slip and slide, a DJ and freezies.

…at Loft Country - August 10-12th
Kids in Kindergarten to Grade 5 can join us for three full days. There will be gold panning, wagon rides, bumper cars, horseback riding, great Bible teaching, music and even more! The third day is a day the whole family can come and experience the camp together, enjoy some food, listen to live Village bands, relax in the sun, and enjoy all of the fun activities Loft Country has to offer. Registration for our Loft Country event will be released this May, but save the date!

…with your Village Church site for a Movie Night - late August

If you're looking for more information about summer events with Village Kids, click here.