Million Dollar Matching Fund!

02.11.18 | Mission | by Village Church

    We are excited to announce that a group of generous people have put together a matching fund of $1.1 million. What an amazing answer to prayer to challenge the rest of us! Any new giving toward Village 2021 will be matched dollar-for-dollar from now until February 28.
    For example if you give $1,500 to the campaign it will become $3,000 just like that! 
    The really exciting part is if we match that amount the $10 million goal will be met! People have already started stepping up for the first time, and others have decided to even give more since we announced this awesome matching program. 
    The update is: we are now only $750,000 away from the finish line!
    What is happening right now is truly amazing and represents a leadership in generosity that we are so thankful to God for. 
    Give or Pledge here 

    Let’s do this!