Pastor Mark Welcomes Our Two New Pastors

03.19.17 | Community | by Mark Clark

    Today we commissioned two new pastors at our South Surrey campus: Brandan Bustamante (Worship) and Jonathan Neufeld (Campus Pastor - South Surrey). We are excited to welcome them, and see how God uses them to bless and serve our church and city in the coming years. 

    People were asking today what this means for me, and how it changes things. The answer is that it impacts those who attend the South Surrey site in great ways, as they now have a campus pastor, which all the other sites have always had, who can connect you in community, lead the site, organize events, be a pastor to you and your family, etc., but nothing changes in regard to me. I simply oversee all the sites (leading, vision, preaching and teaching, etc.,) and then these site pastors execute and lead on the ground at their respective campuses. 

    Preaching-wise nothing has changed: I still preach every week at the 8:00AM service live, while all other services are video of that sermon, while the campus pastors and pastor Ken preach a handful of times per year when it makes sense, as they lead from the Bible in their contexts. 

    God has brought us these amazing families to take us into the next stage of mission and ministry at Village Church, and we are so thankful. Make sure to welcome these families if you attend our South Surrey site and pray for them as they jump into the new and exciting ministry God has for them among us!