Village Calgary: What Sunday Will Look Like

09.12.17 | Church Planting | by Eric Damewood

    I have been on three trips to Calgary this summer to prepare for the launch of our new location there on September 17. One of the questions that Pastor Vinh and I get asked most is, “What will Sunday look like?” 

    It’s important to note that one of the values we have as a church is to do things with excellence. We don’t wear it as a badge of honour. We believe that the supremacy of Jesus is revealed through it, and if something can’t be done with excellence, then we either don’t do it or we wait for the right time. 

    This couldn’t be truer in the world of church planting.When we sought to launch a gospel-centred church in Calgary, we also wanted to take advantage of our fall series, The Problem of God. Because this will be a great opportunity to reach people, the urgency of our timeline is why we’ve decided to launch our gatherings in a Cinema Site format. If you are unfamiliar with that idea, the essence of it is that we film an entire Sunday service at Village Surrey South and we play it back on screen with full surround sound audio. 

    This will allow us to take the necessary time to develop truly excellent worship and production teams in Calgary through the fall. But most importantly it helps us prioritize the heart of our mission by first and foremost reaching skeptics outside the church. We don’t want to be so overly concerned with the production of a Sunday gathering that we miss the reason we gather at all, to be equipped to join God in seeing his kingdom come in Calgary. 

    With that said, our Cinema Site model has received high praise from even the most demanding critics. Our team has gone to great lengths to create something that completely engages our hearts and minds to worship Christ together. It’s not just that we put the service on a screen, it’s how we do it that makes this format a possibility. We didn’t create a TV-style program that props up our leadership. There are no trivia games to be played on your phone before things start. There isn’t ever a sense that you kick back and watch it unfold as if it’s entertainment. We’ve created a seamless experience that brings us all into engaging the true heart of our services, putting Jesus at the centre of everything.

    Alongside all of the other leaders and volunteers, I look forward to meeting many of you as we launch Village Church in Calgary. Let’s spread the word that Christ has risen, and that our only hope is in him. 

    May it be in Calgary as it is heaven.