Summer Classes

This summer, we're excited to offer multiple classes to help you further your discipleship no matter what level, or life stage, you're at. The classes are free and open to everyone. Some classes are just one night, and others run for multiple weeks. All classes will be held at the Village Church Ministry Centre from 7:00 - 9:00pm.

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Multi-Week Classes

New Testament: Romans || Mark Clark || 3 weeks
June 7th - 21st
An exegetical, verse by verse study of Romans exploring themes including the righteousness of God, justification, sin, the Christian life, and future glory with Jesus.

New Testament: Ephesians || Anne Miranda || 4 weeks
July 3rd - 24th
An exegetical survey of Ephesians exploring themes including predestination, the condition of humanity, unity of God’s people and the gifts to the church. 

Introductory Theology || Victor Maynard & Michael Chinchilla || 4 weeks
July 11th - August 1st
An overview of core doctrines of the Christian faith including the image of God, Trinity, attributes of God, incarnation, atonement and resurrection.

Old Testament: Judges || Jeremy Johnson || 4 weeks
August 8th - 29th
A study of the book of Judges--and all of it's ungodliness, confusion, and violence--examining the theme of God’s faithfulness despite the condition of his people and their corrupt leaders.

How to Read the Bible || Victor Maynard || 3 weeks
August 14th - 28th
A healthy approach to biblical interpretation. The class will explore context, genre, interpretation, cultural bias and application. 

One-Evening Classes

The Lord’s Prayer || Sara Maynard
July 9th
Theologically and biblically exploring the implications of the Lord’s prayer and how to apply it to one’s daily rhythms.

Introduction to Counselling || Dr. Josh Kruse
July 23rd
Providing an introductory framework for counselling a variety of different circumstances; giving practical tools in how to help individuals.
***Introduction to Counselling Class is now full.

Parenting in our Cultural Moment || Jason & Buffy Paul
August 2nd
Providing parents with awareness, tools and gospel centred hope in raising children in a cultural moment of sexual fluidity, gender confusion and transgenderism.

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