Women's Retreat 2017

Village Women are heading to RockRidge Canyon in Princeton from May 12 - 14 for the annual Women's Retreat! The retreat is always a challenging and encouraging weekend. This year we'll work through what it actually means to be a fully devoted follower of Christ and how we can live out the gospel in community and impact our culture.

It'll be an amazing weekend to learn, connect, and have fun!

The base cost for the retreat is $195, which includes everything you need for the weekend - accommodations, food, activities, etc. There are optional add-ons for transportation and room options. The retreat program starts at 7:00pm on Friday, May 12 and ends at 12:00pm on Sunday, May 14.

*Please note: Your registration fee is not refundable, but we can transfer it to another person. Once you have registered we cannot refund your ticket.

Register HerE!


Retreat Speakers:

Whitney Damewood

Whitney Damewood is most commonly recognized above the 49th Parallel as "the worship pastor's wife", though she has never capitalized on this relative anonymity by fighting crime as she once hoped. She spends her days chasing after her two young daughters and brainstorming new ways to avoid cooking. Recently, she surprised herself and others by stepping into the public speaking arena. Or, more appropriately, mid-sized auditorium. (Please, no flash photography.) She delivers what she hopes are refreshingly candid talks on topics which are normally eschewed in Christian circles; something she assumes God is permitting with grace as he has not seen fit to smite her. Yet.

Erin Ursel

Erin has been married to Cliff for 25 years, and she assures us they have not all been blissful. They joined Village Church in 2014 with their teenagers, Levi and Jessie. Erin loves serving as a facilitator and sponsor for Freedom Session – a ministry that God has used in her own life to bring freedom and forgiveness from a life of despair and shame. Erin is extremely awkward walking into a room by herself, and her mind has an increasing tendency to go blank in the middle of casual conversations as well as while speaking in front of people. Erin requires ridiculous amounts of words of affirmation and is obsessive about cleaning her floors. She loves Jesus, her family and Village Langley where she and Cliff serve. Erin’s desire is to see women grow in their understanding and application of God’s word.

Anne Miranda

Anne is the Director of Women's Ministry at Village Church. She's passionate about seeing the lives of women transformed by Jesus and loves encouraging others to reach their full potential as they advance the kingdom of God in their lives. Anne and her husband Carlos have been married for nine years and are proud parents to two beautiful children, Nathaniel and Hannah.

Breakout Session Speakers:

Dani Fuentes

Dani is a singer and freelance makeup artist. She enjoys lending her voice to a number of local songwriters, artists, and musicians, but she is most passionate about pointing people to Christ through worship. She thinks she might be following too many dog accounts on Instagram, and potatoes are her favourite food group.

Andrea Kleine

Andrea and her husband Marty have been involved with Village Freedom Session for three years, and together they directed the September Session. You can find them at Village South with their four kids, three who are young adults and one still in high school. Andrea wishes she had cool things to say about how she spends her spare time like Kenzie, but all her spare time right now is spent on teaching her youngest how to drive.

Lisa Carpenter

Lisa has been on the Village Staff team since 2012. She believes that life is all about serving Jesus. Lisa has personally experienced his healing power and redemption, and her joy is contagious. She is administrative and hospitable, and her family and friends will tell you that whatever Lisa does is organized, intentional, and personal (you won't find Lisa on social media). She is married to Pete and together they've raised three lovely millennials. 

Dawna-lyn Broadhead

Dawna-Lyn was born in Chile, South America to Canadian Christian missionary parents who were caring, loving and modelled what it meant to rely on God. From an early age, she saw them demonstrate coming alongside others with advice, encouragement and help. She enjoys teaching preschoolers, school-aged and teenagers about life and guiding them through all areas of development.

She now teaches parenting classes, facilitates parenting support groups, and works with parents as they navigate specific challenges with their children. This includes speaking at workshops and other events as well as meeting with people, guiding them through all sorts of life issues - relationship challenges, divorce, illness, big decisions, and losses.

She relies on God, asking Him for wisdom and discernment in each situation while also drawing from my experience of walking hundreds of people through a myriad of issues - offering a listening ear, Biblical perspective, a lot of common sense, comfort, and help in making a plan to move forward.

She has been married to John for over 30 years and they have two adult married daughters.

Amy Weiss

Amy Weiss is a serial adventurer, travel addict, and communications wizard. She proves that you can thrive in a ‘nine-to-five’ and still have the time and freedom to pursue passions and impact the world. As a grassroots leader for Outdoor Women's Alliance, she inspires confidence and health to help women reach their potential. When she's not in the mountains or sweating at the gym, you'll likely find her knee-deep in press releases and communications strategy for her career with the Township of Langley's Long Range Planning and Economic Development departments.

Alena Harrison

Alena has a passion for using humour to help communicate the awesome message of the Gospel. Day-to-day you can find her at Lululemon Morgan Crossing selling black stretchy pants. If she could be any animal she would be a lioness because "ain't nobody mess with a lioness".

Deanna Hryhor

Deanna has two full-time jobs that she adores: wrangling her two young children (three if you count her husband, Matt) and the Director of Sales and Marketing at S+F Financial Services. "Dea", as her friends call her, is a lover of summer, a travel junkie and an online shopaholic. Her favourite thing in the world is to have a house full of friends and family.

Stephanie Wright

Stephanie has been a hairstylist for nineteen years and has owned the boutique salon "Mystique Hair Design" in White Rock for the past twelve years. Stephanie is enthusiastic about teaching her hairdressing skills to younger generations and is a natural mentor inside her salon and out. 

Stephanie and husband, Tre, have been married eleven years and she instantly became a stepmom to Tre's son, Marcus. Together they have a nine-year-old daughter, Piper. 

Steph understands grief and heartache firsthand as she and Tre tragically lost their son two years ago and have also suffered through years of infertility. She credits her faith, family and church community for being their anchors during their suffering. Steph has a passion for people in the church and is happiest when teaching and loving people on both sides of the church doors.

Kenzie Peters

Kenzie has been involved with Village Worship for just over one year. Prior to joining the staff at Village Church, Kenzie studied Vocal Performance and Music Business at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. If she’s not at the office, you can likely find her at your local thrift store scrounging through the vinyl selection, on her phone making a meme of one of her co-workers, or at Hilltop Cafe eating Coconut Cream Pie.